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Seeing God (pt III)

This is a post in relation and expansion to a post about Seeing God (pt II) and being a spy.

Numbers 13. This is a story familiar to a lot of people. And to be fair - most of the chapter isn’t very interesting, and almost negative.

Background: so the Israelites had been given this Promised Land by God (which is funny, because there were still other people living in the land and the Israelites had to fight for it***). And Moses sent out scouts/spies to see what the Land was like and how the enemy faired in opposition to Israel in strength and numbers.

The account that came back wasn’t exactly mixed. 20 out of the 22 spies said the land looked good - but the people there were mentally stronger than the Israelites were, and so they shouldn’t bother with trying to occupy the land.

2 spies said the opposite. The land is amazing - it’s a great idea for us to occupy it. (One of these spies was Joshua - who became the man that lead the Israelites to a victory of a city by marching around - the application of a principle that he learns here).

20 people saw a good thing surrounded by a bad thing, that physically seemed impossible to do. Therefore God ‘couldn’t’ do it (this is anthropomorphising God - putting our inadequacies onto Him). 2 people saw a good thing together with God’s promise and therefore they could do it because of what God had said.

In effect out of the 22 people only 2 of them actually saw God. They saw his promise and not the problem. They took God at His word and saw what God was going to do.

That’s the thing about being a spy - you need to keep your eyes open. Your job is to be observant and note down everything that is going on around you and report back to your Cheif, or collate your data. Out of the 22 spies, only 2 did their job. They weren’t originally told to see if it was a good idea or not to invade the land (vs 17-20 are just instructions, they’re never asked for their opinion). The two that came back gave the report that matched the promise of God - that if this was going to be a land of Promise it was going to be a land of plenty - which it was.

We need to be observant and open as Spies. We need to know the promises that God has given us, and see how they match with what we see. It’s this way round - Promise - Process. The Process happens because of the Promise.

Only for the King


***Note to self: there’s another theme here.